Proszowice, number, and seal of the organization and signature of the head of the Book reviews and suggestions.
Register in a special register in the Council area.
The first page of the Book reviews and proposals must contain a text with instructions on conducting book reviews , and proposals, with indication of phone numbers and addresses of the relevant organization or individual entrepreneur or legal entity, as well as phone numbers and addresses of the CPS, the Council of the district of the city and the Prefecture of the administrative district, the Department of consumer market and services of the city. Fill them.
Remember that the Book reviews and suggestions is a document of strict accountability and could not be retired before its completion. If during the year in the organization, it remains incomplete, it continues for the next year. About it it is relevant record.
When the Book reviews and suggestions is completely filled, it is sent to the Director of the organisation, individual entrepreneur or management body of a legal person, where it must be stored for one year.
The Director of the organization, individual entrepreneur or the management body of the legal entity must distribute Book reviews and suggestions for all outlets and departments, each of which shall be executed in accordance with established rules.
Share Book reviews and suggestions to the applicant on demand. Each record, both positive and negative, should be considered by the administration of the organization within two weeks. Then on the reverse side of the application requires information on the measures taken, and always sent a written response to the applicant within five days to the specified address.