You will need
  • - table of Greenwich;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Go online to the website This service gives you the opportunity to know the exact time in major cities around the world. In addition to the city, where you are, "Yandex.time" by default shows the dials of the biggest market of capitals – London, new York and Tokyo. Using the drop-down list, select any of the other cities located in territory of the Russian Federation and far beyond its borders. This service enables you to quickly and easily calculate the difference in time between any two settlements. To do this, select the names of two cities and click the "Find the difference". Service users can find all the post and the comments made by the bloggers from a specific region, city or country.
Use the table UTC time GMT ( Mean time GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) is the time of the Meridian passing through the location of the Greenwich Observatory (near London).
Before GMT was considered the starting point time as the time in other time zones were otmechalos of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich). Now replaced GMT universal coordinated time (UTC), which is called universal time. However, when referencing the time when it is important the time zone (for example, when searching for material on the Internet), time is typically shown in the format GMT.
Look in the table of time zones required town or regional center. Next to the name of the city is the number that you need to remember or write down.
Go to table # 3. It specifically mentioned the time zone offset from the Greenwich Meridian. This deviation is the difference from Greenwich mean time. The second table is designed to correct the third data table according to the daylight saving time the time shift, cancel and enter daylight saving time.