You will need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - Acronis Disk Director.
If the deleted section did not contain any information, or were the files you don't need, just create a new volume. To do this, use the Partition Manager. Open the tool and click with the right mouse button on the Unallocated area related to your USB drive.
In the ensuing menu, select "Create partition". After opening a new window, specify the file system of the future volume and specify its size. Click "Next" and "finish". When you return to the main menu, click "Apply pending changes" and confirm to start the process of creating a partition.
If you want to recover the partition with data on it, install Acronis Disk Director. Find the unpartitioned space on the USB drive and click the right mouse button. In the submenu "Advanced", select "Recovery".
Select the manual mode of the program, click "Next" and click "Full scan". Again click "Next" and wait until you find the right section.
Select it from the virgin mouse button and click "Next". After this specified volume should appear in the main program menu. Find the button "to Execute a specific operation" and press it. Confirm to start the restore process the partition.
Safely remove the USB storage device after the completion of the program. Again connect the flash drive to the computer and open the repaired section. If some files were still lost, install Easy Recovery and recover data with Format Recovery.