You will need
  • table;
  • - putty;
  • fine - grain sandpaper;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - acrylic lacquer;
  • - decoupage glue or PVA;
  • paper napkins;
  • brush.
Clean the table from dirt and dust. The old coat of paint and remove with a sander or sandpaper.
All cracks and scratches on the surface of the countertop zashpaklyuyte. A well dried filler to treat fine sandpaper.
Prime the surface of the table. For the primer use acrylic paint. Apply the first layer and the next layer of coat after drying the first.
To preserve the color and texture of the table apply to the surface clear acrylic lacquer or primer under the lacquer.
Turn the table and treat it from the inner part. Legs color paint. For decorating new furniture or laminated chipboard is sufficient to degrease the surface.
Take three-layer paper napkin with an appropriate picture. Cut the desired elements.
On the reverse side to remove the two bottom layers of paper. Place the top layer with the picture on a dry surface, dispensing in the correct order.
Take special decoupage glue or PVA glue diluted with water. Very carefully apply it to the surface of the picture.
Do not allow the accumulation of a large amount of glue on the napkin, you can get wet and tear. Be careful to avoid folds. Smooth from the center to the edges of the flat brush.
Once the table dries, draw separate contours and decorative elements of a simple marker or felt-tip pen. Decorated table top varnish two times.
Decoupage table can use a cotton fabric with original patterns. Measure the width and length of the tabletop. Make a pattern.
Glue the fabric on the table top surface with decoupage glue or PVA. The finished product, apply several layers of acrylic varnish.