You will need
  • - remover for paint.
  • - spatula;
  • - paint;
  • - the roller/brush;
  • - Lac;
  • - scissors;
  • - napkins for decoupage.
Clear table of old coatings. This is necessary in case if the paint or varnish, it peeled off. Use special compounds – washes. Put them on a table, wait 3-5 minutes (the exact time indicated on the package). Softened paint will scrape off with a spatula. Also the paint can be reheated construction Hairdryer. However, you will need much more time.
Paint the table in a new color. You can choose one shade or combine several. For example, painting the edge of the tableechnica of pistachio, and the rest of the surface is light brown. Metal parts tableand easier to handle spray paint – so the color will fall evenly. Wooden table can be painted with a brush or roller.
A two-color combination would be beneficial to look, if you decorate the table in vintage style. Paint it first with one color. When the paint is dry, apply a coat of the second color. Wait until the coating dries by 80 percent – the paint is still wet, but if to touch her, a finger will not stick. Apply with clean brush krakelyurnogo varnish for a one-step craquelure. When the table dries, the top layer of paint covered with small cracks through which will be visible first color.
The tabletop or the legs can be decorated with drawing. A simple geometric pattern draw over the dried background with a thin brush. For more complex pattern, cut a stencil out of cardboard, polyethylene or adhesive film. Attach the stencil only after the complete drying of the first coat of paint.
If you find it difficult to make the pattern, use. Fill in the table using decoupage technique. Buy paper napkins with any pattern. You can use special napkins for decoupage or regular paper. Gently rsslite tissue, separating a thin upper layer with a pattern. Cut out the pattern with scissors. Attach it to the tableat the faceup and cover the top with white glue or decoupage glue. Apply glue with a soft brush, smoothing out the picture. When it dries (about a day) to fix the result varnish.