You will need
  • services media;
  • - information about competitors;
  • - improvement of the new product;
  • - knowledge of the basics of PR.
Identify your "enemy." They may be a rival company or a category of goods, hindering the success of your new brand. For example, if you are selling Pepsi, then your enemy is Coca-Cola, etc. by Selecting the enemy, you can start to develop a focused strategy, the opposite of "enemy". When Procter & Gamble have introduced new products, the mouthwash, as the enemy were identified, the company Listerine. And since it produced a similar product with an unpleasant taste, Procter & Gamble has positioned their product as being exactly the same, but with a pleasant taste. And it has made incredible strides.
Create a "leak" about a new productE. the media like various backstage stories about those events that are only ever going to happen. Especially valuable if it is exclusive. In this way, Microsoft brought to market a games console "Xbox". 18 months before the official presentation of the productand began the dissemination of information. Hundreds of articles were created about the "Xbox" and on the upcoming tough fight to market leader, "PlayStation" from Sony. This course was a huge success.
Increase the momentum PR of the company. The gradual promotion of brands helps to ensure that consumers every day find out about services and new productAh. A small article in the newspaper the news today on TV and tomorrow, and soon the vast majority is convinced that knew about this product, e always. But as consumers tend to ignore advertising information, the new campaign should differ enough power to be memorable, to rise above "noise".
Improve your product, inform about it in the advertising appeals to the consumer, but do not be unfounded, in order not to incur the righteous wrath of critics. Work hard and then success will not keep itself waiting long.
Improve your message to consumers. In advertising the productand concentrate on any of his main quality, which prevails over all others. For many years Volvo was advertising the longevity and durability of their cars, pointing out a number of characteristics. But when the media came advertising with a focus on the safety of machines of this brand, depicting a three-point safety belts, front and rear crumple zones, secure the steering column sales took off strongly. In the end, Volvo has switched all of their commercials with the strength for safety.