You will need
  • food foil;
  • - hermetic container;
  • - plastic or plastic bag.
Store polymer clay in a cool place. Eliminate contact with the clay in direct sunlight, as under their influence the material begins to crumble and gradually turns into stone, unfit for further use.
Polymer clayleft over after making the product, storing in specific conditions – without the possibility of coming in contact with air. Pack the clay in a plastic bag, place in an airtight jar with a tight lid or wrap it in plastic foil.
Avoid contact of clay with foam surfaces and with the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polystyrene, as plastic may react with these substances and to soften.
Wrap polymer clay in paper as over time it will become harder, due to the properties of the paper to absorb the plasticizer.
Remaining works after the "sausage", so called Cana, put in a plastic bag, pre-wrapped in aluminum foil, and place in the refrigerator. And as soon as they will need to work on, get them out of the fridge and cut the required amount of plastics.