Advice 1: How to store polymer clay

Polymer clay is suitable for molding various products of small size. This plastic material is used for manufacturing dolls, souvenir sculptures, floral arrangements, jewelry and other decorative items. To use with polymer clay many times, if you follow the rules of storage.
How to store polymer clay
You will need
  • food foil;
  • - hermetic container;
  • - plastic or plastic bag.
Store polymer clay in a cool place. Eliminate contact with the clay in direct sunlight, as under their influence the material begins to crumble and gradually turns into stone, unfit for further use.
Polymer clayleft over after making the product, storing in specific conditions – without the possibility of coming in contact with air. Pack the clay in a plastic bag, place in an airtight jar with a tight lid or wrap it in plastic foil.
Avoid contact of clay with foam surfaces and with the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polystyrene, as plastic may react with these substances and to soften.
Wrap polymer clay in paper as over time it will become harder, due to the properties of the paper to absorb the plasticizer.
Remaining works after the "sausage", so called Cana, put in a plastic bag, pre-wrapped in aluminum foil, and place in the refrigerator. And as soon as they will need to work on, get them out of the fridge and cut the required amount of plastics.
Keep the rest of the work material is better in the fridge. At zero or sub-zero temperatures color "sausage" will remain unchanged. This is especially true for transparent and white colors, as from the neighborhood with colored shades they quickly painted.
Useful advice
In original packaging polymer clay can be stored for several years if there are no signs of tampering and damage.

Advice 2: Can I use clay for cosmetic purposes in pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's body experiences great stress, including skin. Very rare lucky ladies who have in this period the smooth smooth skin. The majority face a number of unpleasant problems. To look good, you need your daily care. This will help the clay.
Can I use clay for cosmetic purposes in pregnancy

Healing properties of clay

Clay is a perfect antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory, stimulating and regenerating properties. Clay is able to absorb fats and liquids, perfectly eliminates skin imperfections. It can be white, blue, green, pink, red, gray, yellow and even black. Each species has its own special properties.

For example, white clay has regenerative properties, improves the complexion and also perfectly struggling with acne. Blue clay-a storehouse of anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it fights cellulite.

Green clay is great for deep cleansing and also regenerates and nourishes the skin, tightens enlarged pores. Green clay can restore facial contour and tighten the skin.

Pink clay strengthens your nails, and grey will perfectly moisturize the skin. Red clay is essential for sensitive skin prone to redness.

Yellow clay has antigravity and exfoliating properties. Black clay is fighting the toxins in the body, so very often it is used under the wraps.

What kind of clay can be used on a pregnant woman?

During pregnancy, the cosmetic purposes, you can use any clay as long as it was clean. The correct way is to buy clay from the pharmacy.

The maximum result from the use of clay is observed in the form of cosmetic masks. You just need to choose the type of clay that is most suitable to your skin if there is not a specific color of the clay can take any. It is important to remember that masks need to be cooked in a ceramic or glass container (not in iron), to avoid oxidation.

For better results, clay masks are often added different ingredients: lemon juice, oatmeal, cucumber juice, decoctions of herbs.
In addition to skin problems with enlarged pores, acne, increased oiliness, while waiting for the baby, you may encounter problems such as papilloma on the chest and neck, as well as varicose veins. To get rid of them, making lotions, poultices of clay with grated garlic. Thus, constant care of the skin using clay masks will allow a pregnant woman to be young and attractive.

Contraindications to the use of clay during pregnancy is not. The only limitation is individual intolerance, expressed in the appearance of allergic reactions.
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