You will need
  • pan;
  • water;
  • - spoon;
  • - a cotton ball;
  • - citric acid.
Select a container for cooking the clay. It can be made of aluminum or any other metal. The size of the dish must be several times larger than the size of the product that will cook. And the products themselves while cooking should have enough space so as not to stick to each other. After that, the dishes in any case can not be used for storage or cooking, otherwise it is likely to poisoning.
Prepare water. Pre-boil or filter the water for cooking. This will reduce on the finished product the number of white patches appearing after thermal treatment.
Pour into prepared dishes of water so that throughout the cooking process cover the piece of polymer clay. Then bring it to a boil and gently drop there item. To not get burned and do not damage the material, immerse it in a spoon.
Cooking time depends on thickness of product. One centimeter of the subject requires at least 10-12 minutes of heat treatment. All the time follow the process. If the liquid starts to boil away, add hot water in there.
Remove the product with a spoon or a slotted spoon after it's cooked. Then rinse under running cold water. On the cold subject, I will most likely stay white plaque, which will distort the original color. Remove it with a cotton pad soaked in citric acid.
Cook the polymer clay can be in the microwave. Technology and cooking time in this case will be identical. The only difference is that pre-heat water, drop it in the product and then place in oven.
When finished, thoroughly wash under running water and used items, clean the table surface and wash your hands with soap and water. Open the window or the window and ventilate the area in which the cooked polymer clay.