You will need
  • For painting fur you will need:
  • -fur;
  • -hair dye;
  • -comb;
  • -a solution of washing powder.
Ideal for painting choose paint color black, red or brown. Dyeing as well as hair - Barber shop brush. Progressivem every hair. Apply paint evenly distributed her hairbrush to good procrasinate.
How to paint <strong>coat</strong>
Stand for about 40 minutes. The fur is then immersed in warm water with vinegar and rinse.
After rinsing should be gently dried with a towel and put on dry. Put, gently stretching (not to break), fur up. It is desirable to pin the pins to the surface on which laid out to dry. Importantly, note that fur when painting at home is very sits.
How to paint <strong>coat</strong>
During drying it is desirable to comb. So the fur will dry faster and not matted. Well that's all, now the coat or collar as new and ready for a little more to serve his mistress.