You will need
  • - Socket wrench with a ratchet to ¾ inch;
  • - strong screwdriver;
  • iron pipe;
  • - WD-40;
Put under car wheels the bars, so she could not spontaneously start moving. Remove the wheel nuts from the wheel, from which you will remove the hub nut. If you plan to repair two of the hub, loosen these nuts in turn.
With the Jack up wheel and remove it from the machine. Remove the hairpin cotter and the crown, worn on the hub nut. Insert a strong screwdriver in the end window of the brake disc. Rotate it in the direction of unscrewing the nut until the screwdriver stops against the brake caliper.
Using a metal brush clean the threads of the wheel nuts from the mud. Soak it penetrating grease type WD-40. Put on the nut head from the key and repeatedly hit her large hammer this will help to release the nut due to the small deformation of the metal. Just keep in mind that after 5 minutes, the metal will recover, so strike just before trying to Unscrew the nut.
Rent a powerful socket wrench drive ¾ of an inch and the head to it of the right size and pick up the lever from the tube. The length of the lever is better to take 1.5-2 meters. Attach the head of the key on the wheel nut, insert it in the knob and attach the tube to the handle. Gently, gradually increasing force, try to Unscrew the nut. In any case, do not try to break the nut with a jerk, as the head of the key may be off the nuts. This can lead to injury or damage the surface of the car body.
If the brake disc is not ventilated, it cannot be fixed by the method recommended above. In this case, to remove the hub nut, you will have to put the car on the Parking brake to securely lock it in place. It is desirable to put under the wheel of the Shoe. To lift the wheel in this case is not necessary. Pull the cotter pin, loosen the hub nut from the crown and gently loosen it way recommended above.