Advice 1: How to remove the wheel

Modern car owners are divided into two categories: some of them prefer to contact the service center in order to change the wheel, and some prefer to do it myself. The second option saves money, but at the same time requires the owner of the vehicle a certain amount of skill. However, to remove the wheel even the novice motorist.
How to remove the wheel

  1. The car should stall Parking brake, including the insertion of first gear or reverse gear. If a wheel happens on the road, be sure to take care not to create an emergency and not to disturb other road users. In this case, you need to install the car special sign emergency stop and activate the emergency lights.

  2. Before you remove the wheel, lock the wheel with the opposite side of the car wheel stops; if the special stops at hand was not, you can use a conventional bricks or stones that are found near the roadway.

  3. If you have to deal with wheels with steel stamped discs, pre-remove the decorative cover (this operation can be easily accomplished by using the ordinary screwdriver, inserting it between the rim and cap).

  4. All nuts of fastening of a wheel it is necessary to weaken (but only one turn.) After that the car should be raised with the Jack to install the Jack should not those parts of the side amplifier, which is specially designed for this purpose). If you have to remove the wheel in the middle of the road with very soft soil under the Jack it is necessary to enclose a small piece of Board to ensure the stability of the structure.

  5. After was involved in the Jack, wheel nut, wheel can Unscrew completely. The wheel can be removed without much effort, it is usually sufficient just to pull it up for yourself.

  6. After the wheel was replaced, do not forget to carefully tighten the nut and check the quality of their attachment repeatedly for 10-12 kilometers.

Advice 2 : How to lubricate the rollers

To videos that lasts a long time and was always in good condition, behind them need constant care. In addition to maintaining their appearance, you need to carefully monitor the mechanism that drives the movement of the wheels and rollers is a common bearings. Only if they are lubricated regularly, you can prevent unwanted damage and wear.
How to lubricate the rollers
You will need
  • - Lubricant for bearings
  • Petrol.
To lubricate the mechanism of the rollers, you should first remove each wheel. The bearings themselves causing the rollers in motion, are located inside the wheels. For the lubrication and cleaning must be removed and disassembled, since no extraction process is nearly useless.
Wheel and the mechanism should be cleaned from dirt. Insert themselves are of two types. If they are modular, then cleaning will not be difficult, since there is a removable dust ring. Under it are the kind of balls that you need to wipe, and then lubricate. The ring itself can be removed without problems by means of a knife or an awl.Have sealed bearing "anthers" are clogged in the groove of the cage. This complicates the process of lubrication. Using a small knife to rent one dustproof plate, clean the mechanism, and fasten it to the wheel so that the open side of he was looking inside of the roller. Since the inside surface is always relatively clean and it is usually protected, no damage to the liner will not. Rinse better to produce water with addition of gasoline. Such a solution is perfectly washes the dirt and remaining unusable oil. Need to wash carefully, after which the maximum dry.
Of all types of lubrication is most well suited for rollers plastic - they have a lot of advantages over others. In particular their life and "squeezing" of the wheels much longer. Oil and grease are not suitable, because such mixtures very quickly erode and evaporate, with the result that the mechanism wears out much faster. Good bike grease, although they are significantly more expensive analogs for the rollers.
Apply oil should be a thin layer. More than the layer, the longer it will diverge at the bearing. This causes some discomfort while riding and degrades the ride quality of the rollers.
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