Advice 1: How to choose your firmware in iTunes

One of the most common causes of restore firmware iPhone, iPod or iPad can become an operation jailbreak or upgrade to the latest version.
How to choose your firmware in iTunes
Make sure that the backup of the mobile device performed by the iTunes application or perform the procedure of backup in manual mode.
Connect your device to the computer using a special USB cabel included in the package, and wait for the automatic determination of device application.
Select your machine in the list in the left window pane of iTunes, and call its context menu by right-clicking the mouse.
Enter the command "backup" and wait until the process is complete.
Navigate to:
drivename:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\imamultimillionaire Software Update for Windows OS;
drive:/Library/iTunes/imamultimillionaire Software Update for Mac OS
and define saved or created a backup file of the firmware of the device. The file must have the extension *.ipsw.
Hold down the function key the Shift key (for Windows OS) or a function key Option (Mac OS) and again select your device in the list the left pane of the iTunes application.
Use the command "Restore from backup" in the drop-down menu, and specify the full path to a specific file the necessary firmware in the dialog box "Choose file to iTunes".
Confirm the restore command button "Choose" and wait for the process to complete.
Remember that the recovery information stored on your mobile device is only possible with the use of the computer selected for systematic synchronization operations. If you are using another computer, you can restore only the following data:
- network settings;
the last call made;
accounts and saved e-mail settings;
- photos and videos of the mobile device;
- contact list;
messages and notes.

Advice 2 : Where itunes stores firmware

When you download updates mobile operating system iOS through iTunes all firmware files are stored in the program directory. You can always use data files to save them on a separate drive as a backup that you can restore your Apple device even from any other computer.
Where itunes stores firmware
Downloaded iTunes firmware are located in different directories depending on operating system version. In Windows XP, the updates stored in the directory Documents and Settings – User – Application Data – Apple Computer – iTunes – Software Updates. You can go to this folder by using the "My computer" - "Local disk C:".
In Windows Vista, 7 and 8, this folder is in the directory Users – User – AppData – Roaming – Apple Computer – iTunes – Software Updates the C: drive. Go it, you can by selecting menu "start" - "Computer" - "Local disk C:". Directory User name matches the user name that you use in the system.
You can copy the files in the data folders on a separate data carrier. To do this, select the files available in the directory, right click on selection and select "Copy". Follow the procedure to insert the folder of your flash card, using the same context menu.
For data recovery firmware after system reinstallation or complete removal of iTunes copy data files to the corresponding directory of the program. Using these files, you will also be able to perform updates without an Internet connection or the lack of backups in case of failures in the software of your Apple device.
Before flashing the device it is necessary to create a backup of the data so as not to lose the contact list, downloaded music, and other files. To do this, connect your device to computer, launch iTunes, click on the name of your device with the right mouse button. In the opened context menu select "Create a copy". You will then be able to carry out any operation with the device without losing data.
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Data firmware can be useful if you want to jailbreak a device.
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