Since then four years have passed, and that hackers are unable to know the version of firmware for subsequent reduction, the sticker on the box encrypted. To find out version of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 only after you purchase and activate the phone via iTunes. Earlier also it was possible to know the firmware without activating the device using USSD. The new Apple smartphones this feature is also disabled.If you want to determine the version of the operating system, after phone activation locate on the desktop the iPhone "Settings" icon is gray and touch it. Select the item "Main", then sub-item "On device".Here you will see information about the version of the firmware ("Version"), version firmware modem, IMEI and other information. The higher the level of your firmware, the more opportunities has the phone. Relevant are firmware 4th (4.3.4 – latest) and 5-th generations.
If you want to determine the firmware on unlock in the case when the phone is brought from another country, you have to put the SIM card of the Russian operator. If the phone complains that the operator is not supported and asks to insert a SIM card from another mobile operator, such as AT&T, it means that your iPhone is locked. In other cases, the Communicator unlocked or just not tied to cellular networks and ready to work.
Also many iPhone users have any questions about the availability of jailbreak on the phone, especially after buying the machine with it. To check if jailbreak you can do the following: locate the screen icon “Cydia” brown and click on it. If the app is loaded, so the device already has a built-jailbreak. To work “Cydia” requires an Internet connection. Many users check for iPhone version with jailbrake or without trying to install hacked apps through iTunes on your computer. This is wrong, as the game or the program may not be installed even on iPhone jailbrake, if the pre-from “Cydia” package is not installed AppSync.