You need to remember that just because "I want" parental rights do not deprive. In order to have father declared inconsistent with the proud title of "parent", need strong justification. By law, these include: evasion of the duties of the parent, including the evasion of alimony; failure without good cause to take your children from medical, educational institutions; abuse their parental rights, cruel treatment of children (when a parent exercises physical or mental abuse of a child); alcoholism and drug addiction; intentional crime against life and health of their own children.
Deprivation of parental rights only by a court order. And nothing else. The case of deprivation of parental rights of the father is considered the mother's statement. But before you sign the appeal to the court, we turn first to the guardianship. Later their representatives will become your reliable allies in court, acting as a third party. In addition, the proceedings involved the Prosecutor who will oversee the legality of the charges.
If the court nevertheless deprived of the careless father of the parental rights, then he solves the problem and alimony.
Three days after the sentencing judge information about the father's parental rights transferred to the authority of civil status (ZAGS) where the documents entered in the relevant record.