In the upper corner of the sheet (preferably in law) specify the name of the judicial body where you intend to apply. For example, the Nikulinskiy district court of Moscow. Continue the traditional design of the cap. Write from whom the application is submitted. Issued it this way: the plaintiff (Itza): surname, name, patronymic (in full). After you enter your full address together with postcode. Next, write who you are bringing this lawsuit. The Respondent (CA): surname, name, patronymic (fully), and the address of the place of residence also with an index. Enter here and third parties - as a rule, the guardianship, along with you are dealing with the issue of deprivation of the parental rights of the defendant.
Now in the middle of the sheet write: "the statement of Claim about deprivation of the parental rights." Number in parentheses indicate the article on which you are going to deprive of the rights. Usually such issues are resolved pursuant to articles 69-70 of the Family code of the Russian Federation.
In the text of the claim shall describe in detail the essence of your claim to the Respondent (TSE). For example: "Despite the decision of the court issued in the divorce, a parent doesn't want to pay child support". Or: "bad faith refers to his parental responsibilities". And perhaps he is a socially dangerous person (alcoholic, drug addict or mentally unstable person). After a detailed enumeration of reasons why you want to deny the other parent rights to the child, at the end of the claim and write: "I Ask the court to deny defendant's parental rights regarding my child (surname, name, patronymic and date of birth in full)".
So that your words does not look empty sound, gather evidence. This can be witness statements, photos and videos, audio recordings, written threats, etc. If your ex-spouse (-GI) a previously issued court orders under the criminal code or administrative code, do not forget about them, too. Arrange everything in writing, clear up and make the application to their claim. Be sure to claim attach sheet with description, what is included in this application. This is necessary so that documents are not lost, and the court was faster to focus in your papers.
Also collect emails from custody, their recommendations and suggestions. All of this also apply to your statement.
Sign your claim date and feel free to apply it to the competent authorities. There you will designate the date of the meeting. And if the court finds your argument persuasive, he will make a decision in your favor.