You will need
  • Filing a claim in court.
The reasons for depriving the father parental rights quite a lot. If child support child maintenance is not paid within six months without good reason that we can prove through Bank statements from the account designated for the remittance of payments, can prepare a lawsuit. Great importance will be the testimony of witnesses and the conclusion of the guardianship. If the bailiff can oblige the father to pay child support, grounds for termination of parental rights under Ukrainian law will disappear automatically.
If the father does not give mother's to carry out their parental rights, it is considered abuse, for example, that may manifest itself in the prohibition of the father to visit with child in foreign countries. After all, traveling abroad need permission from the parent not accompanying the child. This caveat may be an additional reason for the positive court decision on deprivation of the father's parental rights.
Also one of the major reason is chronic alcoholism, conviction of a crime against a child and drug abuse.
If the father is exploiting the child, makes vagrants, beat the child that can be confirmed through medical examination, it clearly deprived of any rights in respect of the child.
Father, deprived of parental rights loses the moral law are fully exempt from duties on education and is no longer considered a relative of the child. But he also has the right to sue in court and recover their lost rights. The court examines how changed the behavior of the father and makes a decision depending on the interests of the child, taking into account the opinion of the mother or other relatives.
The laws of Ukraine stipulate that the father is responsible for the caused harm 3 years from the moment of deprivation of its parental rights, but only if the court found that caused the harm to the child's behavior was a result of improper performance of the duties of the father.
If after birth the baby is not taken home from the hospital without good reason within six months, deprived of the parental rights of both parents.