Find the right words
Children almost always understand that the family is not going smoothly, even if you don't argue with them. Was going to say about divorce children try to talk together. It is important that children know that it is a joint decision, otherwise they will blame one of the parents. Don't go into the details of the breakup. Explain to the children that breaking up mom and dad, but both of you still love your children.
Be honest
Of course, you will want to ease the suffering of children, but just do not overdo it. They need to know that although you are all very sad, it's the best solution and it will never change. It is not necessary to nourish their hope that the parting is only temporary and after a couple of months everything will return to normal. Explain to them how everything in the future will be: court, divorce, moving.
Be honest
Admit your guilt
Children always think that they are to blame for their parents ' divorce. They imagine that if they were obedient, did not receive a C for the year, broke a window to neighbors, the parents would have stayed together. You must explain to them that the fault lies with the parents, not the children.
Do not add unrest
Children and care so much about the divorce, so you have to be absolutely sure. Was going to say about divorce, demonstrate that everything that happens is normal and natural. Explain that they will similarly communicate with mom and dad, grandparents, just on different days. If children are waiting for any event – holidays, trips to the Park, bike buying is to calm them down, promise that it will be fine, just relax, they will go with mummy to the Park with dad.
Answer their questions
Get ready for what you will come the barrage of questions. Actually, it is very good, so you know that really cares about children in divorce, and will be able to reassure them. Answer in detail and patiently watch for their reactions. Just do not tell stories, because children attach great importance to your answers. If you still don't know the answer to a specific question (not discussed with my husband, found a new apartment, etc.), promise to respond immediately, as everything will be revealed.
Answer their questions