How all the same to prepare your child for the divorce of his parents?

If the baby is still very small, not able to speak and understand only some of your words, it is clear that to explain them would be superfluous. With every desire baby you just don't understand. And this, in my opinion, perfect. Of course, you will be difficult to impossible to stay with the baby in her arms without her husband's support. But for children it's for the best. His memory will not remain unpleasant memories associated with my parents ' divorce. Children are very much worried. So it's better baby's just nothing to remember.

If the child is already 2-3 years or more, he may not understand what divorce is, but I do notice the absence of one parent. Most likely will call him and cry. The most important thing in this situation – the restraint and patience. By the way, a lot of cases when because of the kid's parents back together and lived together long and happily. But if you've decided to divorce your spouse, be patient. Never if baby don't scold dad/mom. Don't say how bad he is, abandoned us, etc. Not disseminate child hatred of the father/mother. The baby's not his fault that the adults made a mistake.

It often happens that children after the divorce of his parents go to, begin to lag behind in development, throw school. You don't want such a situation occurred in your family, right? Then you only need to remember 2 rules:

  1. Not here to argue with your spouse in front of the child.
  2. Do not deny your father/mother to meet the baby.

It is clear that few spouses are divorced and remain friends after this. Basically, a divorce is accompanied by mutual recriminations, daily scandals and constant insults. Even if your family divorce occurs exactly find out the relationship alone. Do not devote to their child's problem. He's going to be hard to survive his parents ' divorce. No need to aggravate the situation.

Again, if you don't want to see their spouse, it does not mean that this opinion is shared by your baby. After his parents ' divorce, the child will be hard to get used to what mommy and daddy now living separately. He loves you both equally love. Do not deprive him of this feeling. Let him meet and communicate with both parents. This is especially important immediately after a divorce. Let your child get used to the fact that mom and dad don't live together anymore.

Naturally, it is hard for you now. Very hard. Divorce is an unpleasant procedure. Just understand that your kid now even worse. He just does not understand why mom/dad goes away. Talk to her. Calmly and clearly explain to your child that this divorce. Let them know that you both still love him.

If you do it right, soon you and your baby will be smiling again. Children are seriously experiencing the divorce of parents, but if they help, if correctly to explain to a child a divorce, it is likely that many problems will be avoided.

And let the tips from this article, you will never need. Let the life of your family is light, bright and carefree!