Advice 1: How to make money in Israel

Israel is one of the most developed countries in the South-Western part of Asia. Millions of people work on its territory in different sectors of business and industry. In Israel there are many opportunities to realize themselves and earn money. You only need to know some peculiarities of this country and to make a clear plan.
How to make money in Israel
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • - the passport;
  • - cash;
  • - summary;
  • portfolio.
Write a summary and create a portfolio. Make it as detailed as possible. You need to specify not only the formal education in all the institutions, but also to show its value. It is expressed only in practical experience in any field.
Shall describe all the skills you possess. Specify all the jobs and positions you have held to date. Israeli employers it is important to see the experience from 1 year and more. Only then will the chance that you will be able to get a job.
Apply to obtain gainful employment. Remember that in Israel, employs thousands of highly skilled professionals from around the world. As a consequence, the competition for a job is very high. But you risk nothing by contacting the maximum number of seats. Use electronic Bulletin boards.
Consider the option of earning tourist industry. In Israel, a lot of famous places such as tel Aviv, Haifa, the forests of the Galilee, mount Hermon, etc., they All attract thousands of tourists every month. Think, maybe you can arrange a tour of these memorable places. Take a small fee from visitors for support. But in order to start any business in Israel, please read carefully all the laws on this subject.
Enjoy a network marketing or direct sales. In this Asian country for more than a dozen years thriving small and medium business in different areas. If you like to interact with a large number of people and a decent earnings, then the MLM industry and sales for you. Find reliable developing company, will sign a contract with her and work on yourself, getting a sales Commission.
Earn on the Internet. If you are not satisfied with neither the employment nor the business, then you can, as anyone who has access to the network, try yourself as a freelancer. Most likely, you will need a knowledge of Hebrew and English, if you decide to work as a copywriter or a web designer. So think about this question in advance.
Do not engage in the tourist business if you have no experience or friends in Israel. In any case, you will need a knowledge of Hebrew to make good money in this country. At least learn some English before arrival in Israel.

Advice 2: How to start a copywriter

The number of people wanting to become copywriters is increasing every year. The popularity of this profession mostly due to the fact that the work of the copywriter seems easy, easy and it brings a very good income. However, those who think so, often to be disappointed.
How to start a copywriter
To become a copywriter, you need to have at least minimal skills in writing, possess good literacy and be able to quickly print. To develop your skills, you need experience, so do not throw begun just because you failed a couple of articles.
The Internet to find the most popular stock exchanges of copywriting and freelancing, register on them and start looking for orders. Over time, you will choose a few of the most convenient exchanges, and will work on them. While you aren't skilled enough, take orders for beginners: copywriter without experience and a portfolio are unlikely to trust major projects.
Be prepared for the fact that for the first time, you will not be able to do a lot of money. It is not only moral but also financial readiness: the novice useful stable material base. For example, you can combine work with a freelancer with a steady job in the state. So you will be able to earn extra income, gain experience without prejudice to the family budget, and also to protect yourself from finding a new permanent job, if copywriting is not for you.
Constantly hone your skills. Perhaps at first you will have very few orders – in this case you can write articles and sell them in stores content. So you can earn money, learn to write better, and to choose topics that are the most interesting.
When you select orders focus on those customers who are willing to help newcomers. They will pay little, but will give you invaluable experience, help to see and correct mistakes, to hone your skills.
Set yourself a daily rate and stick to it. This can be the number of characters or the amount you must earn per day. Unless you have regular customers, to better focus on the number of characters. Remember: for a copywriter is very important-discipline. If you are not able to control myself, to get to work, to monitor the implementation of standards, then this job is not for you.

Advice 3: How to make money student 12 years

Not always the parents have the opportunity to purchase your child a fancy phone every day or provide him with pocket money. But now most of the children have the opportunity to start making. Even a schoolboy of 12 years without professional skills can earn money for a brand new mobile phone.
How to make money student 12 years

Part time job for student for the weekend

Of course, the student must earn at weekends, not on school days. Otherwise it can badly affect its performance. For a couple of days a week you can safely get to advertise, become a member of promotions or handing out flyers. Such work safely and take 12-year-old children.

The lowest paid option earnings you can call the posting of ads. Everything is simple: a student gets his hands on an stack of ads that it needs to cover the entire area indicated to him by the employer. Such work time will take up to five hours. Although easy, this work is not to be called - will have to pass through the streets, it's especially difficult in the winter cold days, in summer it is possible to walk along the path raskleivaya ads. Usually the cost of the stack posted is 7-8$, the exact price depends on the city. In the stack of approximately 1,000 ad.

The distribution of flyers is a good option of earning for a student. That's just not all employers can trust the job 12-year-old schoolboy. It often happens that the guys just throw out leaflets, and then argue that distributed them to the people. This job is easier than posting ads since you don't need to run around town. To distribute leaflets needed in public places at these hours.

In promotions, the payment is much higher. In addition, if the student will be pleasant to organizers of the action, it can call on the following stock. And student this work will be like, because it implies dress in a special costume and merry company of young people.

Part time job for student online

The Internet can be a good option for a student to earn a new smartphone or a trip to the cinema. Types of earnings on the world wide web a few: the decision of the control, rewriting texts, creating your own website.

To the Internet need a computer, Internet access and, of course, literacy. For 12-year-old student to create their own website will be difficult, but in the writing or decision of the control he can experience - in addition to the earnings and enhance your knowledge. Customers can be found on special exchanges and freelance sites.

Here the amount of earnings will depend on the ability of the student to work independently and his perseverance. After all, not every student will prefer to work as a computer game.


The student and his parents should immediately realize that it is unrealistic to get a huge amount of work that easy to trust an unqualified employee. Offers earn thousands and even millions are not related to normal operation, especially if the pre-are asked to make a monetary contribution. For similar ads and offers are always a Scam.
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