You will need
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • - the passport;
  • - cash;
  • - summary;
  • portfolio.
Write a summary and create a portfolio. Make it as detailed as possible. You need to specify not only the formal education in all the institutions, but also to show its value. It is expressed only in practical experience in any field.
Shall describe all the skills you possess. Specify all the jobs and positions you have held to date. Israeli employers it is important to see the experience from 1 year and more. Only then will the chance that you will be able to get a job.
Apply to obtain gainful employment. Remember that in Israel, employs thousands of highly skilled professionals from around the world. As a consequence, the competition for a job is very high. But you risk nothing by contacting the maximum number of seats. Use electronic Bulletin boards.
Consider the option of earning tourist industry. In Israel, a lot of famous places such as tel Aviv, Haifa, the forests of the Galilee, mount Hermon, etc., they All attract thousands of tourists every month. Think, maybe you can arrange a tour of these memorable places. Take a small fee from visitors for support. But in order to start any business in Israel, please read carefully all the laws on this subject.
Enjoy a network marketing or direct sales. In this Asian country for more than a dozen years thriving small and medium business in different areas. If you like to interact with a large number of people and a decent earnings, then the MLM industry and sales for you. Find reliable developing company, will sign a contract with her and work on yourself, getting a sales Commission.
Earn on the Internet. If you are not satisfied with neither the employment nor the business, then you can, as anyone who has access to the network, try yourself as a freelancer. Most likely, you will need a knowledge of Hebrew and English, if you decide to work as a copywriter or a web designer. So think about this question in advance.