To move to Israel for permanent residence easier for people with Jewish roots. According to the Israeli Law of Return to come into the country and receive a residence permit or citizenship are Jews, their children, wives and grandchildren. First they have to practice Judaism and to contact the Consulate of Israel.
If in this country you have living relatives, they can send you the invitation. And upon arrival you will need to prove their Jewish roots. Further, you will be able to settle, to go to University and then find a job.
But if you are a Jew, you can come into the country and receive training and work visa. You will need to find an employer in Israel. And he, in turn, will have to apply to the Ministry of Commerce, industry and labor to issue you a visa. It is given for a year, but then it can be extended.
To move to Israel is also an elderly man, if he has no one left, except for relatives living in Israel. First, the migrants in this case is issued a temporary visa and a temporary certificate. After 3-4 years of living in the country can obtain the residence permit.
The easiest way to move to Israel will be the one who will be able to get married or to marry the man who resides there. After marriage, you should contact the Ministry of internal Affairs of Israel with the petition for change of status and be tested on the absence of a criminal record and the authenticity of the documents. The government will carefully examine whether the marriage fiction.
Before you decide to move, consider the pros and cons. It's no wonder they say that everywhere is good where we are not. Maybe you are trying to run away from problems or to go to a meeting adventures. If your decision is justified, then you will always find the correct path of exile.