There are two kinds of dry milk is whole milk and skim. The difference between them in percentage content of fatty substances. Whole dry milk has a shorter shelf life than nonfat. The smell and taste of whole milk closer to the pasteurized milk. Milk is white in color with a slight cream tint.

How to make dry milk?

To get one glass of milk drink: put in a glass 5 tablespoons powdered milk (25 g of milk powder) add a little warm or cold water and stir well. Without ceasing to interfere, gradually add water until filling the Cup (25 g dry milk, 200 ml of water. The milk will get about 2.5% fat). The obtained milk product needs to steep a while for the swelling of proteins, elimination of the watery taste and to achieve the desired density. Diluted milk may have different fat content. It can be brought to a boil. All the proportions for dilution of milk is usually stated on the packaging.
Sour milk product from milk powder use for making cheese, baking pastry. There are many recipes of various dishes that use milk: milk porridge, soups. Long term storage allows any owner to always have on hand dry milk.

But do not forget that milk can not fully replace fresh. Each of them has its advantages.