When you need to pack a book, the first thing that comes to mind, wrap it in wrapping paper. But this option will not allow a long time to keep a secret about the content already to touch clear what's inside. Therefore it is better to choose a cardboard box the right size and pasted it in beautiful paper. It is best suited for this purpose packaging puzzles. So the book is not moved inside, can be put together with artificial flower petals or strips of colored corrugated paper. You can pick up a few boxes of different size, paste over each and fold them into each other on the principle of nesting dolls, adding faux candy, confetti or new year's sparkling rain.


To make the gift look nice, just find a suitable piece of fabric, wrap him in a book and tie with ribbon. However, you can make a truly original design using the technique of furoshiki. As you might guess, it was invented in Japan and in many ways similar to the art of paper sculpture origami. The essence of furoshiki is as follows: the subject is placed in the center of the cloth, its edges rise and are formed in symmetrical folds from the edges to the center. The ends of the material peretyagivaet in flagella, in a special way are stacked to form a heart, a bow or butterfly, and sometimes a pen. The gift becomes similar to a normal knot, it looks very beautiful and elegant.

Not just paper

If there is no time in wrapping boxes and the formation of folds on the fabric, you can just wrap the book, but not in paper, and in something less banal. As such a material can be anything: a newspaper in a foreign language, political map of the world, playbill or a poster of their favorite star. Such a gift can be decorated with flowers.

Royal gift

Giving a gift can be beat with a truly Royal scale. This is on thin paper to draw the arms or simplified image, carefully singe the edges and "wear out" with the help of strong tea. This parchment is necessary to carefully wrap the book and then seal with wax or real wax. The next layer can be a red velvet or gold brocade. After this the parcel will need to put in a beautiful casket of wood or metal. Similarly, it is possible to arrange a gift in the pirate style with the treasure chest, half-erased map of treasures and gold coins made of chocolate.