You will need
  • - smoked fish
Always smell the smoked fishbefore you buy it. If you feel the slightest hint of chemical flavoring, it is better to refuse purchase. Smoked fish processing quality emits a smell of wood smoke, while it should not be caustic, and gentle. If the fish does not smell, it is also a cause for concern, most likely, the smell has had time to erode and the products are stale.
Consider the skin of the fish. If you saw a peculiar pattern of pressed cells from the Smoking network - it is a good sign, because it means that the raw materials were of good quality and organic. The size of these cells does not matter. If the surface is rough to the touch, the color is uneven, most likely, the fish is treated by chemical means and buy it not worth it.
Note damage to fish skin: the presence of scratches, dents, etc. If this is so, then, there is the expired shelf life of fish. On the sides of the fish should be bright strips, as they indicate violation of the technology of the Smoking process. Fish can be smoked and is not enough to pose a threat of infection.
If you buy the fish hot Smoking, take into account the fact that it should easily separate from the bones. Cold-smoked fish must be dense, dry and lean. Don't panic if on its surface are traces of white residue, according to the rules it added large amounts of salt.
Pay attention to the shelf life of the product. Vacuum-Packed fish cooked the way smoked, not stored for more than 90 days, smoked – not more than 60 days. In the conventional refrigerator is unpacked fish is stored, respectively, 14 and 6 days.