The main parameters in the selection of the amplifier to the speakers or how the acoustic systems (as) are:

Music (Music), different software (Program) power (W);

- resistance (Ohms).

Software power, what is it?

Any ACE has 3 types of power: peak power (Peac), Program (music) power and RMS power (at for some time with the nth power as the signal of pink noise, checked vital functions and its efficiency). Signal to calculate the program capacity represented by the average music signal, and attenuation peaks. Such a signal, in contrast to pink noise, easier plays AC and is heated it is less. It is from the RMS power is calculated programmatic capacity, which is approximately equal to twice the RMS. 2 times software more peak power, but in order to pick up the amplifier should not be ignored, as it last for as only a few milliseconds.

Usually the passports as I write all 3 types of power, if you specify any one, to calculate software power is not difficult. It is calculated also from other standards dimensions: AES, EIAJ, etc.

4 or 8 Ohm is the resistance of most systems. In order to choose the right amplifier, attention must be paid to how much power can issue amplifier and at what impedance. It is usually indicated in its parameters. You can connect speakers in parallel (using special connectors).

R total = (R1xR2)/(R1+R2) is the formula for calculating total resistance of 2 parallel connected columns, where R1 and R2 – resistance of the respective systems. For the same resistance on both speakers, the impedance of one just divided into two. The connection to the amplifier system resistance is less than the minimum possible allowed! Always check on the passport of the resistance and the total resistance of the connected speakers.

If the amplifier is working in bridge mode, the 2 channels together and the resulting resistance increases. Each amplifier has only one RMS power and it was under her and selected the AC. We cannot allow the amplifier worked with "lipuma overload, in this case, even small power can damage your speakers!