Purchase a train ticket 032А or 070А message Moscow – Helsinki station of Vyborg. The first leaves at 22.50 and is 9 hours and 15 minutes, the second in 17.20 departs and goes for 2 hours longer. Both start from the platform of the Leningrad station in Moscow and going through St. Petersburg. Book and pay for a train ticket, you can go online on the website of "Russian Railways", the payment can be made via credit card or QIWI payment terminals.
Go to Vyborg from St. Petersburg, you can get there on any train, schedule, and availability is available on the official website of "Russian Railways". Also in the Northern capital you can get on the plane. In St. Petersburg, take the metro and get to the metro station "Devyatkino", which is the final destination of Kirov-Vyborgtion line (red line). From the square near the metro station and buses to city Vyborg, their number is 850, the movement beginning at 7.50 am, last bus leaves at 22.00, tickets can be purchased there as well. In addition, there are regular buses that depart from the metro station "Academic" (red line) and Parnas (blue line). The journey time is 2 hours.
Use the rail and go from St. Petersburg by train. Trains depart from platforms the Finland station, the bus stop at 6.55, the latest in 22.20. The trip lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. In addition there are Express trains that go much faster, about 1 hour 35 minutes. They depart at 11.30, and 17.52 20.32.
Take a trip by car, use the highway M-10 "Scandinavia" and look carefully at the signs. Along the route there are motels, cafes and gas stations.