Choosing a dress, try to try it with different lighting options. Usually in the dressing room lit by fluorescent light, distorts color. Will appreciate the combination of your skin and shade cloth. Poorly-chosen blue can accentuate the earthy color of the skin or make her look unnaturally pale. The most versatile dark blue color, shades with green and bright blue will not fit every girl.
Look around – perhaps in the shop you can buy accessories to match your game. The dress is sleeveless, you can complement a jacket of the same fabric, evening dress – stole or scarf. Ask the consultant to bring you the right belts, scarves and other accessories. You don't have to buy them – but I can try and understand the compatible model for you.
To the dark blue dress suit black accessories. This ensemble is perfect for everyday wear. For the day pick up a big bag of leather or its imitation, and on the evening - a small silk clutch, smooth or embellished with embroidery and appliqués.
With an elegant dress embellished with ruffles or Drapes, try a leather jacket – this will soften the romantic look, make it more modern. The eclecticism is in fashion, denying the carefully chosen accessories, designed in the same style.
Simple blue dress would look great with a long classic coat pure shades – dark grey, dark red, beige or white. Such outfits you can pick up shoes and shoes with contrasting colors or hold one of the additions in the color coat, and the other to pick up the tone of the dress.
Cosy knitted dress can be supplemented with original leather belt right shade. Try on some different colors options, selecting the most successful combinations. Try yellow and beige tones, as well as things of patent leather or suede shade eggshell, ivory or anthracite.
Choosing jewelry, focus on the color of the dress and your skin tone. "Warm" type fit yellow and pink gold, copper and natural pearls. "Cold" dresses gray-blue and ink blue shades goes platinum, silver, and white gold. With dark fabrics perfectly turquoise and bright shades of blue mother – of-pearl and ivory. It can be natural materials or quality imitation – the main thing is that the accessories you went.
Refresh cosmetic. Purchase a blue mascara, the shade of blue-gray or blue-green scales and the classic red lipstick or gloss. It is not necessary to put it all together into a single image – choose one product and focus on it. Next time try the new version – blue dress provides great opportunities for experimentation.