The skirt is a sky blue colour in the wardrobe

In clothes the color blue brings a touch of elegance and freshness, lightness and calmness. It is suitable for everybody regardless of the color type and shade of hair. This color will be appropriate in any season, but it is especially relevant in the summer.

Fans of classic style can wear a blue skirt with a white blouse, emphasizing the shade of blue with your accessories. And will look nice this skirt with various shades of blue, complete with a bright accessory. The combination of sky-blue skirt with a green blouse will give way to the weightlessness and freshness. Stylish looks the combination of blue with beige and different shades of chocolate. In addition, complement each other blue and yellow, creating a bright and Sunny way.

Blue skirt can be combined with turquoise, mint, black, red and pink, it all depends on the tone of your skirt. Always topical combination of blue top with blue bottom. If your wardrobe contains a large number of colorful blouses and t-shirts, combining them together, you will be able to look new.

The images with the blue skirt

Blue pencil skirt, Tulip, bell, or a straight you can combine with white blazer or cardigan and a blouse gentle mint, beige, pink or pure white. This combination will create a good business image so that you can Supplement light with a belt and white or light blue shoes.

To the beach on vacation or just for a walk on a summer evening you can purchase a skirt-Maxi from flying thin tissues, adding to her white t-shirt, straw hat with large brim and colourful bright plastic accessories. The top can be lighter or darker than the skirt. Very interesting is the manner in which the sea theme. He will not let you go unnoticed, but at the same time emphasize your romance. Flying long pleated skirt and tank top in blue-white or black-and-white striped sandals or ballet shoes to match will help you with this. On a cool evening, you can throw a white pullover with a V-neck.

In the day will be appropriate a light blue skirt, a short denim jacket or jacket, a small elegant handbag and shoes on a low heel. If you are a fan of casual style, you can try on the outfit in today's popular ethnic style. It's a long skirt, loose shirt, thin belt and large fancy accessories – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, in addition to platform shoes or ballet flats. Romantic ladies suit skirt sky blue colors combined with lace tops, crocheted Bolero, and sandals with high heels.

For an evening out, choose a chiffon Maxi skirts, combining them with white, beige, peach blouses. In cool weather, you can complement the outfit with white or brown jacket. Shoes preferably choose white.