Swimsuit. This style is suitable for those who want to hide an imperfect figure, and those who have nothing to hide. Dark color one piece swimsuit will give the body slimness and lightness. Swimsuit-kimono ( swimsuit with cutouts on the sides) is suitable for those who wants to hide a small tummy.
Designers offer to wear a swimsuit model plunge (swimsuit with a long narrow neck), visually lengthening the neck and gives the breast volume, the swimsuit hi-neck, which closes the body up to the neck, and classic swimwear Maillot. The latter option is suitable for virtually any type of figure.
The tankini (tank top and bottoms) very convenient, allows you to hide figure flaws in the abdomen and, along with that at any moment can turn into a bikini, it's enough just to roll the shirt up.
Swimsuit-trikini. This model is perfect to owners of a good figure. He is a model in which the upper part of the swimsuit connected with the bottom using strips of fabric. This strip will highlight all the imperfections, so be careful when choosing this model.
Swimsuit bottoms-skirt. This very feminine style is back on the catwalks! The skirt hides the not too thighs, under her hide stretch marks and "ears". Do not bypass their attention this Flirty model.
Swimsuit-bandeau. Swimsuit model with a bodice without straps allows exactly to go tan without leaving marks from the straps. However, it is more suitable for owners of small Breasts, since it does not provide adequate support.
Swimsuit panties with a high rise. This model in retro style with a high girdle will make the stomach flat, but it fits tall women.