You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser, materials for work in color.
Prepare for needed materials. Place the sheet of paper depending on the chosen pattern – single flower, a bouquet in a vase or in a basket, and so on. Pencil start sketch.
Sketch schematically any other figure except for the colors – table, vase, fabric, basket. Then a large circle indicate the Bud or several buds of roses in the picture. From them draw lines-stems.
Then get to work on that Bud. In order to paint the beautiful petals, you can select several moves. It is possible to depict decorative, primitive rose. To do this, at the top of the circle-blank draw a "snail" or a flat spiral, like it's twisted in Bud petals. Next, mark the boundaries of the Bud and place it two-three the opened petals.
Can draw floor decorative rose. To this end, on the sides of the "snail" swipe down two lines and connect them at the bottom of the Bud. Then draw the first two sides of the petal, then the front and then gradually "grow" the splendor of a flower.
If you are trying to portray rose as similar to the real flower, then start to draw from the core you draw in the form of drops. Further, arc-shaped lines "grow" a flower. Each petal can be like no other. Towards the end of the work, the size of the petals decrease. Don't forget the calyx.
On each stem, draw the leaves of roses, they have a wide form of drops, the edges are slightly jagged. Draw stems and spikes on them. The closer to the calyx, the more is the size of the spikes. Prepare materials for work in color.
To perform work in color, you can paint, pencils, markers, you can also use a mixed technique. Strokes or touches, try to put on the form of the petals. You can either first apply one basic color of the flower, and then play with shades, or just in the process of mixing colors and making transitions. She and the other technique will give interesting effects. Further work on stems and leaves using the same technique as with the buds. Don't forget the background.