A sheet of paper for watercolors clip on easel or place on the table horizontally. From the lower right corner will yield up to 2-3 cm From this point draw a line up to the left. This branch will be a bunch of flowers.
Start with the top row. The Central flower draw unfolded to the viewer. First draw a circle. Then divide the shape into five petals. Lateral petals make wider than the top and bottom. The upper petals the same width as the center and the edges. The bottom draw is more narrow at the base and gradually expand to the edge.
The right and left of this flower draw same flowers composed of three petals. Left at the top of the branches indicate the outline of a flower, deployed to the left. Its the top half of the draw in the form of a semicircle, then add the elongated lower petals.
Below add the second number of inflorescences. These instances make it more elongated in width. Due to the selected angle of the upper petals look twice shorter than those on the sides and bottom.
Thin barely visible lines sketch out the bottom row. It shows the flowers facing down. Therefore, their upper lobes can be drawn in the form of a thin Crescent.
Using the kneaded eraser to loosen the lines of the sketch. They should not be visible through the transparent layer of watercolor.
Paint the drawing with the light of each flower blossoms. Start with the ones that are on the top row, and hence the stronger the sunshine. In the recesses of the petals, apply a light pink color with the addition of yellow. While the paint dries, spread it across the surface of the petals, blur glare clean with a wet brush. In places of their own shadows add dabs of light blue, combined with pink it will give a shade of lilac. A dried flower with a thin brush paint some yellow stamens around them spread a crimson color.
As you move down the color of Sakura becoming more cold and less saturated. Add to the palette more blue and a little brown.
The background image will fill in with broad strokes, adding blur of colors on wet paper. This blurred the background will not distract attention from the main subject of the picture.