You will need
  • cell phone;
  • - computer with Internet access.
To draw a simple rose symbols enough in a certain order to use 5-8 of text characters. To read such images, tilt the head right or left. The simple Rosa of the symbols looks like this: ----{@. You can shorten or lengthen the rose, to turn her flower to the right or left. If you want to "paint" the leaves, use the % signs or
More complex to implement would be the rose, painted in the style of ASCII art. To accomplish such a pattern, first make a sketch on paper. Having defined the image, type in drawing the characters in the following order: first, "build" a rough outline with the characters: \ / | - _ ( ) , then "soften" it by using the symbols: / \ | - _ + ( ) < > , . ~ ^ "X V T Y I l l : `' ! j j 7 and then complete the text marks the inner space. Choose the symbols for "fill" on the basis of topography and color transitions of the image you want to convey: contour "painted" signs WWWW will differ from the contour, the "painted" signs 8888. Vary different characters to create a realistic image.
To quickly create the most perfect figure use ASCII Art Generator. Upload your favorite rose image in the program, select color, font type, the format in which you want to save the result (HTML, RTF, TXT or image file). The program converts your picture to an image created on the basis of ASCII characters.