The image of this flower does not require much effort. Just 4 steps you will need to create it.

Draw vertical line is the stem. Let through the top tip will be a little circle. Around him, barely pressing on the pencil, draw the circle bigger. Draw on the stem two leaves, they are oval, slightly pointed upwards.

Now between the two circles you need to draw many oval petals, try to make them the same width. Erase the construction line – the great circle. To make it easy, because at its creation you did not press hard on the pencil.

Even for the first row of petals slightly protrude the tips of the second flower was more luxuriant. Paint over the pencil touches the middle of the Daisy, leaving the centre bright spot. Add leaf veins and also cover them with strokes. Once on the canvas blossomed Daisy, you certainly wanted and other flowers to draw with a pencil.


Start to create it, like a Daisy, with a vertical line, which is the stem. Its upper point is the center of the circle and help her. It is fairly large, place at the top of the circle is smaller.

Below the point of intersection of these two figures, between them, begin to draw round petals. First left, bottom, then right. It was the turn of design of the small circle. Cover it with petals intricate shapes – oval, triangular, wavy at the top. They need to shut down an entire small circle. On the stem draw 3 small pointed leaf. Erase extra lines and admire a pencil drawing peony.


These wildflowers, which have long been and garden, to portray too simple. Draw 5 vertical, slightly curved lines of different heights. All of them start almost at the same point. At the top of each draw a circle, and one small. As in the case of Daisy, they will be a great limiters when creating the petals. Draw them in the shape of a rectangle, whose side facing away from the city center, is a little opposite. For each flower you are drawing to 7 petals with zigzag top.

Erase auxiliary external circumference, highlight the contours of the petals with a pencil brighter, the core is also. At the junction of the flower with the stem draw a small oval. This seed box.

Let the main stems grow 5-6 small. At the end of each draw still unopened Bud. Left to portray 2-3 carved leaf and complete an art class.