The name of the cow often give the month in which she was born or the weather conditions that day were. For Example: Fevrale, Mar, Aprelka, Mike, Metalica, Morozka, Night, Dawn.
Где можно купить корову
Also the name of the cow can be given in color calf. For Example: White, Lagurus, Nigella, Krasochka.
ушиб вымини у коровы
Sometimes a cow name female name: Martha Thekla, Natasha, Glashka, Platanthera, Ira, Masha, Marina, Sveta, Tanya. In General, almost the entire set of female names.
как выбрать корову
You can name a cow Bessie, Marenka, Daughter, Aunt, darenkov, Curtains, Krasulja, Mistress.
как содержать корову
All on your taste and choice. The main chick to accustom to his nickname since birth, taking care of her. The nickname has to be spoken gently and several times daily, then to walking on his nickname she will have to respond.