Wherever a child aged eight months, it tries to examine how a wider area. With any subject he is able to do for a long time, trying to explore it from many different angles, wave them in the air, to taste. The task of the adult is to try to familiarize the child with the properties of objects, learn to concentrate, to perform minor tasks.

What games can be offered eight-month-old child

"Ring the bell" - the child is given a bell and show you exactly how to call it. The tongue of the bell can be tied with colored ribbons, which are convenient to pull.

Haptic game in a small box, put the pieces different fabric, which will be interesting to touch. You can pick up pieces of hard matter, soft, silky, smooth, fur and so on. Include in the kit a piece of linoleum, a dense paper, the big stopper – removing items from the boxes, feeling them, the child learns to distinguish them tactile. During the game, talk to your child, call the objects that the child could get acquainted with the concepts of "smooth", "rough", "soft" and others.

Turn the toy - the child put the toy in an unusual position, for example, a doll – face down. If the child did not try to fix things, he should be supporting it.

To the palm of the baby, you can stick a piece of masking tape. Children with great interest off it and try to fit back in.

Games to improve coordination

The most famous of malyshovogo games – "okay". It can vary: patting hands, little hands is covered with a blanket. The children watched with interest as the hands disappear and appear again.

To roll the ball towards the adult pushing the ball encourages the child to bring him back the same way.

Pyramid – if a child is to show once on the rod wear rings, he will try to do it again and again. The task can be more difficult, swinging the rod from side to side – for this choose a pyramid with a semicircular base.

In a playful way the child can explain the many daily Affairs. For example, to teach a baby to use a Cup, show me how to feed her a Teddy bear, a doll and a dog. Kids usually try to repeat the actions of adult. These games are a good stepping stone before more detailed games with imaginary action, common among older children.

Children of any age interested in the process of cooking. Even a very small child can be involved in it. Tiny chef is awarded the pot, spoon, packets and tins of food. Copying my mother's actions, he will "shake out" the rice from a bag into the pot, stir with a spoon "mess."