During the game a child of 7 months is not just fun, he perceives the world and learns to control his body. The task of parents is to interest the child in such activity that would have contributed to its development, and activities such really very much.

Painting finger paints

Among the games, the drawing finger paints has a special place, as it encourages development of fine motor skills, creative thinking, and memory. Best to buy a special paint intended for children up to one year. Their composition does not contain any harmful substances that could cause poisoning if swallowed. Practicing drawing with a child of 7 months, it is important to organize the workplace. It is most convenient to do on the floor or at a table for feeding. If you are afraid that the baby dry, the first lessons in the bathroom.

The molding of the dough

The development of up to a year must include class modeling, as they contribute to the development of fine motor skills, which in turn encourages earlier development of speech. Clay for kids 7 months is not suitable because of its hardness, and the dough is very soft and pliable. The dough can make your own from flour and water, but you can buy special modelling dough in the store. For a start, the child will be interesting just break the plastic mass into pieces, these pieces can be glued in a special album, filled into a painted jar or box. Show baby how to roll sausage, help him to repeat after you. Most importantly, make sure that the kid ate the dough and stick it in the nose or ear.

The Game "Sorter"

"Furby is a toy with holes of different shapes and accompany them molds. These toys are intended for children from one year, but with mom baby at 7 months too, can play with her. Call out each figure and pass to the child. The sorter can be bought in baby store or make it yourself. For the seven-month baby enough to take the tin can from under the dry milk mixture and do the cover the hole with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the caps from baby food. The child will be able to put the lids in the jar, they fall inwards with a loud sound, which will entertain the baby.

Picking up pyramids

At 7 months the baby can be familiar with the good old toy – pyramid. Sales are common pyramid with rings and pyramid cups, and other original interpretations of this wonderful educational toys.


Special books for babies – also great fun. Kids with great pleasure consider bright and interesting pictures. It is better to buy books with raised images, inserts of fabric and other materials, it contributes to the development of baby's tactile senses. Give traditional books is not worth it, seven kids tearing them in two accounts.