You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - the tampon;
  • - gouache, watercolor or acrylic paint.
  • - pastel;
  • - picture me-nots.
Consider the flower forget-me-nots or a picture with his image. You will see that it consists of yellow or orange midway and five round blue petals. Petals the same, so you can draw them with a stamp or swab.
Make a tampon. Cut a piece of foam and tape them to the end of the pencil. Attach the foam with thread or tape. Having two pads, you will get the opportunity to paint the yellow parts and the other blue petals. This is useful if you want to portray a lot of forget-me-nots, because these colors almost never grow alone.
Forget-me-nots are usually scattered in a green meadow, so the sheet stonerose green. Wet paper with sponge. You can give the sheet a little dry, but not necessarily. Distribute the paint across the sheet using the same sponge or thick brush. Allow the paper to dry.
To paint the forget-me start with the midway. Dial on the swab yellow or orange paint and put on a sheet bullet. The thicker the pads, the larger will forget-me-nots . Draw a few more center. Wash the swab or use a different. Around the middle of each draw five of the same blue petals. They can vary in color — some blue, others almost purple. It depends on the lighting.
Thin brush you can draw long stems. Lead line tip. Long narrow leaves paint with the same brush. Start painting from the stem tip, then gradually increase the pressure. The middle of the sheet, draw the flat, and by the end again lift the brush.
To draw forget-me-not pastel, take the green velvet paper. The tampon in this case is more suitable for cotton. Similarly, wrap a piece of cotton wool on the pencil and secure it with thread. RUB the pastel on the sandpaper. Dip the swab first in yellow and make a yellow round spot. Around it draw the same way round blue or blue petals.