Advice 1: How to raise the ears of the shepherd

Every breed of dog must meet certain standards of the exterior. Shepherd – German and East European - are no exception. One of the recognized standards – correctly set ears.
How to raise the ears of the shepherd
If three to four months the ears of the puppy stood up, their performance will have you. The sooner you correct this defect, the better.
Again, check the pedigree of the dog. Consult with dog experts and veterinarians. It is possible that the lugs had not get up because his family was a mongrel shepherd, or due to the fact that his mother was malnourished during pregnancy. In the first case you will have to put up with the status quo, the second is to start intensively to feed the puppy the vitamin-mineral supplements with calcium and phosphorus that will strengthen the cartilage of the ear. If you are a supporter of natural diet, give him bones, dairy products, fish mince.
However, if there is no problem with either the pedigree or health of the mother your pet, this does not mean that he does not need this feeding.
Determine whether you need to glue the ears and exactly where. For this purpose the tips of the thumb and index finger palpate the ear. Find a weak spot (or a small strip or spot). Enough to pinch between your fingers in this area, as the ear will immediately rise.
If this place is located in the upper third and has the form of "spots", that gluing is not needed. Just continue to feed the puppy so intense, that his body didn't need calcium and phosphorus. If it's striped, so the hall was formed, which is a must to glue.
The weak point located in the middle or lower part of the ear, glue is necessary in any case.
Prepare two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than the weak plot. Cut a piece of adhesive plaster (and then will need another to fix).
Place a piece of cotton wool ear canal. Wastegate very short or shave the hair inside the ear on the spot where you stick the patch. Soak a cotton wool with vodka and wipe the shaved area. Then treat her the same sticky side of one of the pieces of tape (so you can take it off without damaging the skin of the auricle). Wait until everything dries. Attach a patch. Firmly press it to the ear, so he didn't wince.
Take one of the prepared pieces of cardboard and smear it on one side with glue "Moment". The patch is already in the ear, too, should be lubricated. Do not let the dog. Hold for several minutes the ear so that it does not slip. After 7-10 minutes glue a piece of cardboard. Lock it with the second piece of tape.
Similarly, and treat the other ear. Remove the cardboard and the plaster should be in 1-2 weeks.

Advice 2 : How to put the ears of shepherd

Each breed of dog should meet a certain standard and to match its exterior, and German shepherds are no exception. If you want a dog to grow high-class at an early age should pay attention to how to develop the ears of a puppy shepherd. They become vertical at different ages – some dogs this happens in a month, others three months. Sometimes the ears are developing unevenly, and if your dog has one ear up and the other remains lowered, it is necessary to take measures to ear shepherd.
How to put the ears of shepherd
If you to four months the ears of the puppy still did not get up, use the method of setting, which is highly efficient and does not cause the dog discomfort. The faster you solve a problem and teach the puppy to hold the ears in upright position, the fewer problems you will experience in the future, when the puppy will grow and develop into the adult dog.
The puppy's ears wipe the inside with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol. Wear rubber gloves and take a large hair curler. In the hole insert the pencil eraser forward, and then put on curlers, the composition Permatex Super Weatherstrip3.
After two minutes, hold the dog's ear in an upright position, place it into the ear curler with a piece of cotton wool on the end then wrap it around the curler edge of the ear, connecting them.
Wait for curlers stuck, and the ear stays in place. Repeat the procedure on both ears. After two weeks remove the curlers out of your ears and put them inside a special healing ointment, soothing irritation.
In order to further clean the ear regularly treat the inside surface with cotton wound on a stick and dipped in alcohol. Ongoing care of your dog's ears is essential if you want to be healthy and strong.
Next, you will learn how to put the ears of the dog, and it only need your patience, any cheap wooden toothpicks and the usual band-aid on a rag basis. Instead of toothpicks, you can use the tubes from cotton swabs or any similar material, as long as they had low weight and sufficient elasticity to hold the dog's ear.
Useful advice
Homemade plastic crown – the invention of home handymen is, in fact, the analogue of the wire crown, only made of bottoms from plastic bottles rectangular bottom (e.g., shampoo). How to put the ears of the dog this way we said earlier, repeat will not, but whichever way you are secured the ears, remember – so the dog will go for a few weeks.
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