You will need
  • strips indicator paper;
  • - acidified water;
  • buffer the soil;
  • - carbon dioxide;
  • - a piece of wood.
First of all, try to know exactly what pH you want your pet to normal health and activity. It depends primarily on the kind of aquarium inhabitants. You can use special literature for aquarists to search for information online or asking a question to a specialist (e.g., pet store).
Purchase strips of indicator paper in specialized stores. Of course, they provide only a rough, very rough estimate of the pH value, therefore it is better to measure its level with a special instrument, the pH meter. Such devices are in almost any laboratory.
Can reduce the pH of aquarium water, adding the calculated quantity of water with a lower pH (acidic). As the reagent is usually used acidifier phosphoric acid. Better add this water in small portions, mix thoroughly and make check measurements of the resulting pH level. Otherwise, it is easy to reduce the pH to values that are harmful to fish.
Some pet shops on sale is a special buffer the soil. When it is placed in water, the pH gradually decreases. It also requires constant monitoring.
A good way – an introduction to aquarium water carbon dioxide. This can be done using special devices or cartridges where the carbon dioxide is under pressure.
Sometimes, a simple, but effective method. In the aquarium after preprocessing, put a piece of wood. What kind of tree is suitable for that, what treatment it will require, you find out from a specialist. You agree to immediately solve two problems: to decrease the pH of the waterand your aquarium will acquire a new decoration.