You will need
  • Thread, cotton fabric, elastic band, sewing machine, the tape.
In order to make wide pants, even will not have to do the pattern. Take the fabric and cut out two rectangle with a length of 100-110 cm and a width of 75-110 cm. Sizes can change depending what is the width of the legs you want.
Put the two rectangles of fabric together and fold in half vertically. Next, mark the bend line up approximately 70 centimeters in both sides of ten centimeters. Combine the smooth line of these notes and make them cut.
Sew the edges of the cut together. Then sew the opposite side of the rectangles of fabric. If you did everything correctly, you should get two kind of pipes that are connected on the neckline.
Make the folds at the bottom of the trousers and on the belt, sew. Insert at the waist and bottom of leg elastics.
Sew similarly wide trousers-Afghani. You will need a piece of cotton fabric size 80*200 cm, elastic band with a length of 2.5 meters and thread in the color of your fabric. On the edge of the fabric treated with a zigzag on the sewing machine or serger.
Next, mark the edges of the fabric on both sides cuts at 60 inches. Fold the cloth diagonally and fold the edges towards the short side, and secure with pins. Then baste and prostrochite on a typewriter.
Take two strips with a length of 64 inches (plus 2 cm allowance at the side seams) or one 122 cm wide and 24 cm for the manufacture of the belt. Seams sew and fold it with the top edge of the pants to each other, right sides. Fold the waistband in half, pristrochite to the main product, turning the seam allowance inwards.
On the belt, make two lines that they have divided the width into three equal segments. Take the waistband of the length which corresponds to the volume of your waist, insert the three bands between made lines.
The hem half an inch tuck and insert the elastic. Its length corresponds to the size of your ankle. You are ready with the trendy wide pants-Afghani.