If you have any need to use in the text arithmetic root, you can use the built-in feature of adding special characters in Microsoft Word. To do this in the main program menu go to the Insert tab and click Symbol.
In the context menu you will see several characters that were used previously. If you do not find the desired root, select "other characters".
In the new dialog box you will see several hundreds all kinds of special characters. To limit your search, under "Set" select "Mathematical operators". After that, you can easily find the required root. Click on it and click "Paste".
If despite all your efforts to find Word menu a tab and the command you are unable, contact the native operating system Microsoft Windows "character map".
To find it, click start on the taskbar and, if you use Windows 7, type in search field the word "table" and press the Enter key on the keyboard. In response the system will give you a link to the utility "character map".
If your computer has an earlier version of Windows, click the next menu item start: All programs, Accessories, system tools. In the last section you will find the necessary application. It a little than differs from the analogue in Word, however, has the additional function of copying symbol to the clipboard and the built-in search system of signs.
To find the sign of root, enter in the search field the word root (eng. "root") and press Enter. In the list of icons will appear and you need sign — √. Click "Insert" and then "Copy".
It remains only in the right place to retrieve from the clipboard the copied symbol. To do this, place the cursor in the text entry and clicking with the right mouse button select the context menu command "Paste". The sign of the root will appear on the screen.