Find out the mobile operator of the person you want to send an SMS. This can be done via the Internet, to accurately enter the number. Please note that the number is entered in international format.
Be sure to lock the precise name of the operator. It you need to choose the right resource for sending SMS over the Internet.
To send a message, enter an operator message receiving side. Enter the required information.
Enter the phone number of the subscriber. Some sites automatically insert the country code. Somewhere will be asked to enter it yourself. Phone numbers for sending SMS abroad are entered in the international format (e.g. +3 (Europe)).
In a special form, type the desired message text. Depending on the operator, you will be given from 120 to 650 characters. Watch out for changing words "... characters Left" - this hint will help to fit in the allowable amount, so you don't have a few times to retype the message.
You will be asked to repeat the code shown on the graphical image. It can contain digits, Latin characters or both at the same time. This code – protection from automatic sending of messages.
Check the entered data. Please pay special attention to the telephone: an error on one digit, and your message will be delivered to the other party! If everything is entered correctly, click on the "Send" or "Send SMS".