To send SMS to phone free, you must go to the Internet (computer or smartphone), open the browser and go to the website operator number to which you want to send a message. On the main page click the link that says "Send SMS". After transition, the browser will open the page, which is a special form of dispatch. In the top of the form there is a field to enter the number in the lower - to enter a text message. Before sending, select the message delivery time and the time after which the SMS can not be send (if in a waiting room for free will lose its relevance) and the text is Cyrillic or translit. To send a message, click on the button "Send". the following web page will show the message status: "Delivered", or "In process".
Send SMS to phone free also using the program Mail.Ru Agent. In order to use this and other functions of the program, create a mailbox on the portal Mail.Ru, then free download the program, install and run it. To log in, enter your e-mail and password. Then open the main program window and click on the "Menu" button. In menu, select "Add a contact for calls and SMS". In the dialog box write the number of the phone, for which you need to send SMS and press OK. After that, the phonetion number will be displayed in your contact list. Select it and open the message window. In the input field write the text of SMS and click send. After a few seconds the phone will come SMS-the message, signed with your username in
To send free SMS you can also use the website On the home page there is a field for entering the phoneand text messages as well as signatures. Before sending SMS you will need to enter the captcha code from the picture. After pressing the button "Send" the SMS will be sent to the specified number.