You will need
  • A computer with Internet connection, the number to which you want to send an SMS.
To send free SMS via the Internet, you need to know which mobile operator owns the number that you want to send the message. Send free SMS from the official website of the operator.
So, if you send a message to MTS, go to the company website and use the service "send SMS". The subscriber of the Megaphone, the message can be sent from the site www.megafon.ruthe subscriber of Beeline with
In addition to the official sites of the operators, there are special Internet sites for sending SMS, which also allow you to send free message. Before sending SMS please make sure that the website supports the mobile operator, whose number you are sending the message.It must be borne in mind that such services are not responsible for the security of the information you transmit via SMS text message. Therefore, in order to send SMS via the Internet, use only secure sites:, or Do not use for this purpose a site with a simple Amateur design, and also the websites which are located on the free domain, for example, or
If you have a computer running one of the software for Internet communication, such as ICQ, QIP or e-Mail.the agent can send a message using the "send SMS". If the person you want to send the message registered in the program, his number will probably be listed in the database.