You will need
  • - additional e-mail box;
  • - special programs designed to send messages through the computer;
  • - an additional SIM-card.
Hide your mobile phone number user makes a number of reasons why he decides to remain anonymous. Of course, receiving the message the subscriber would like to know the sender of the emails, but if your him wishes, take advantage of special programs.
On the Internet there are now many apps that allow free sending of SMS messages using a computer. Usually when you use these programs, the number of subscriber is not defined. Indicates only that the message came via the Internet. Also in these programs the user can make SMS any signature. There are apps that allow you to change the number or instead of the number to make any name at your discretion.
Send SMS messages with the help of various Internet messengers. "Mile agent" is one of them. For sending SMS through an "Agent" is sufficient to indicate the contact's phone number and write him a letter. But in this case, in the beginning of the message instead of the number determined by e-mail, which was e-mail. Therefore for such purposes it is better to have an additional email and join the "Mile agent."
To produce messages with the help of "Agent" add to contacts data desired by the subscriber. It is not necessary (or even desirable) that he was at your "friends". You can simply select "Add contact" and the option "Add a contact for calls and SMS". Fill in the box number of the subscriber and make a call.
You can also buy another SIM card, the number of which will be known only to you. Share it with anyone and will remain anonymous. In an extreme case, you can use someone else's phone. Just do not abuse this opportunity and do not substitute others.