In ordinary life, a leader is not a commander. Your subordinates with great pleasure will fulfill your order if it relates to their official duties, or request, if what you are asking, is not included in them. If you choose the command style of leadership and want to achieve absolute obedience and the faithful implementation of production tasks, you need to gain credibility. He, unfortunately, does not automatically acquired when you occupy the chair.
If you still want your orders sounded and performed as a team, you yourself must be sure of their absolute accuracy. For this confidence you need to thoroughly examine all technological processes and techniques used to work in your unit. That is, you must be sure that you know the whole process better than any specialist who is in your submission. In this case, the commands that you give will sound with the correct intonation and be interpreted as orders without causing ridicule and surprise your employees.
Work on yourself to learn to make the right decisions with regard to future developments. Try to predict how you will develop these or other events, then analyze your mistakes on the incident. Always provide multiple options to at the right moment steady voice to give a command that will be true.
Only when your employees understand that you have the moral right to command, when your authority is unquestioned, such a leadership style will seem normal and even happy. If you take full responsibility and believe in their own right, this style of leadership can be quite effective, especially in industries linked to the specific danger to the life or health of people.