Determine the coefficient for conversion are measured in millimeters dimensions in cubic meters. Imagine a cubic meter is composed of millimeter cubes. In each row of these cubes has to be exactly one thousand (one hundred and ten centimeters millimeters each) is the length of a cubic meter. In width it is necessary to build thousands of such rows, that is 1000*1000=1000000 (million) millimetre cubes. And tall, too, will need a thousand layers of one million cubes in each. Just one cubic meter will be placed billion (1000000*1000=1000000000) cubic millimeters - this is the conversion factor. For brevity, this figure is often written as 10 to the ninth power (10⁹).
Share measured in cubic millimeters volume in a billion to find out its equivalent in cubic meters. For example, the value 1520мм3 will match 0,00000152м3.
For practical calculations on paper or in the mind just moving in the original number the decimal point nine places to the left. You can trust this operation and the calculator. For example, to that installed in the computer along with the Windows operating system. To run it press any of two buttons Win (to reveal the main menu of the OS), then navigate to the folder "All programs", look for the section "Service" and select "Calculator".
In recent versions this program has a built-in unit Converter - it opens in an additional panel by pressing Ctrl + U. However, cubic millimeters in the list of convertible units there, so you either need to convert these units in Santee cubicmeters, and then use the Converter, without Converter, just divide the original value by a billion.