You will need
  • The URL of the web page or a special add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
Use any online translator. Some such useful addresses are found below. To use the online service to translate the entire web page, paste its URL in the input box of a source or in a special field for URL. Select the translation direction, click on the "Translate" button and wait for a finished result in a few seconds.
Check to see if your build of Mozilla Firefox already installed the "Yandex.Bar" — this addition is very actively distributed in the Internet. If installed, activate the panel "Yandex.Bar" and look on her among other things a tool for translating web pages (to understand the functions of the buttons, hover the pointer over them with the mouse and hold until a tooltip appears). Next to this button right is a small triangle. Click it — a menu will appear to select the direction of translation. When you find yourself on a web page whose text you need translated, simply click this button on the toolbar and the browser window will see the result, made an online translator Yandex.
Note to other translators for Mozilla Firefox. But keep in mind that the existing extensions from one another differ little. These differences are manifested in the degree of automation of the process (in other words, how many and what buttons to press to get the finished translation) and/or variety of language support — not all add-ons implemented the ability to choose the direction of translation, to use special dictionaries, etc. and are different online translation service.
See, for example, with the addition of "S3.Google Translator". This addon allows you to configure a fully automatic translation of individual sites of your choice. Activate this feature and when you navigate to any page favorites web-site you will immediately receive the Russian version of its text content. If you do disable the automatic translation of the page will need to click on the "S3.Google play store" or the key combination Alt+S, or the corresponding context menu item. But keep in mind that the addon as of may 2012 (version 1.12) translated only into Russian and use online translator Google. If you need wider language support, try to install FoxLingo. It without auto — translation of web pages is done via the menu on the toolbar FoxLingo or via the context menu, but this menu allows you to choose almost any existing online translator and various (even exotic) language direction.