Use the Opera Turbo technology, starting with the tenth version of the browser. This function is based on the method of data compression in which the information of the resource being downloaded is received on the user's computer from the servers of the company. Data is compressed up to 80 percent.
Be aware of the limitations of this method of acceleration - certain elements are not subject to compression and their use may limit the functionality of Opera Turbo. These elements include:
- java scripts;
- Flash technology;
animation GIF;
- graphics SVG.
Also not compression is used in encryption protocols. This means that a side result of the use of this technology will be a significant reduction in image quality.
Run Opera and click on the browser icon in the upper left corner. Point to "Settings" and then expand "General settings". Use the tab "Web page" and select the option "Automatically" from the drop-down menu "Turbo Mode". This action will automatically deactivate the selected mode with a high-speed connection.
Open menu "Tools" upper service panel of the browser window and select "Settings". Go to the "General" tab in the dialog box, and verify that in the "Home page" not made any difference. This is one of the recommended ways of speeding up downloads in Opera browser.
Select "Advanced" in the menu "Tools" and select Cookies. Click "Add" in the dialog box of server Manager and navigate to the Content tab in the next dialog box settings. Deselect all fields and confirm your choice with OK.
Use the option to save temporary Internet files to speed up loading the desired web resource.