You will need
  • - active Internet connection
  • - open via any web browser the main page of a search engine "Yandex"
Look on the main page "Yandex" link "Personal settings". It is located at the top of the page above the news. If you click the link, set the settings menu. In the menu you can see the points "to Configure Yandex", "Put a widget". "Put theme" and "Change the city".
Expand the menu and click on the "Configure Yandex". Click in the top of the page will unfold the panel with settings. There's writing on it "we Need the blocks to swap, and unnecessary — remove. Units with gear you can configure" button, "Add new widget", setup save changes and login to a specific computer (i.e. when you select this setting on your computer "Yandex" will look exactly as configured, regardless of the user), the buttons "Save" "Cancel" link and "Reset". Next to the link "Personal settings" appeared "Change city", "Choose language" and "the Rest". We need a link "Choose language".
Click on "Select language". If you have small speed Internet, you will have to wait a bit because this time the page is reloaded fully. After reboot you will see the title of the new page: "Settings - language Selection" interface. On the page there are the select to select the language and click "Save" and "Back". All settings "Yandex" suggest a choice of six languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian, Tatar, English. Each of the names written on the corresponding languageto select it easier.
Select select the language that you need. Click on the "Save" button. The page will reload and you will return to the main page "Yandex"and the language of all services will change to your chosen.