In order to learn fast to speak, every morning, do articulation exercises. It consists of convulsive movements of the tongue and lips. For example,

- stick your tongue out as far as possible from his mouth, try to get them to the tip of the nose and chin;

- turn language into a tube;

- make lips proboscis like when you kiss; you will move the proboscis up and down, left and right, in a circle;

- smiling broadly, try to get the tips of his ears;

- pogrebenie, remember how you were teasing.
Remember a few tongue twisters. Speak out slowly, carefully pronouncing all the sounds, and then faster, bringing the rate up to the maximum possible.
Especially important for clear diction tongue twisters in hard consonants (e.g., "On the courtyard grass, on a grass firewood, do not cut firewood on the grass court") and conomie sounds (e.g., "stranded we burbot lazily caught, changed burbot you me at Lin, not love me do you cute prayed, and in the mists estuary beckoning to me").
Say the following tongue Twister: "Hysterically razverneshsya the constitutionalist Constantine found absolutely acclimated in the constitutional Constantinople and invent advanced planimetrically". It's a tongue Twister for the students of GITIS. If you managed to say it quickly, you coped with previous assignments. If no - continue to work on diction.
In order to be fluent in speech, it is necessary to overcome the embarrassment and self-doubt. To do this more often tell yourself that you can do anything, you all do. Do the following daily exercise:

- close your eyes and imagine yourself a winner. Maybe it's a victory in sports or in the school Olympics. Who is closer. Sit with your eyes closed for 10 minutes to consider all the details of his victory.
Try to read more classic literature and high-quality periodicals. This will not only expand your vocabulary, but also fills the mind with thoughts worth sharing.